Simple Gratitude

Thanksgiving at your house?  Relax!

For some, the holiday season brings an increased level of stress and anxiety.  Best advice: Keep it simple!

Thanksgiving is one of the greatest holidays to utilize things that are already around you. Make time to de-stress by taking a walk.  Pick up a few acorns, twigs and pine cones along the way and you have the start to a beautiful rustic centerpiece.

For meals, plan ahead by making a list of all the ingredients you will need for each family favorite. Scroll weekly sales ads to buy items with longer expiration dates in advance (such as butter and sugar).  Save only the shorter, perishable item list for the last shopping trip one or two days before the holiday.  It will be far less overwhelming than purchasing everything in one store visit.

Take breaks, take walks and remember to laugh!  Enjoy the Harvest!