Holiday Countdown Begins!

Panic set in the other day when I was in the car listening to the radio.  I heard the one thing that signals the beginning of the holidays... Christmas music! So, I am passing along a few tips to help you get organized for the holidays before you hear the Christmas music too and panic!

1)Put together a plan of attack.  Not sure what you need to do and in what order? No worries-Pinterest has some great ideas. Check out for handlheld printables or




2) Declutter areas of your home that the guests will be in.  Areas like the pantry, linen closet, guest bedroom, coat closet and guest bathroom.

3) Take an inventory of what you currently have for decorations and gift wrapping.

4) Decorate your home and make it a fun time for the whole family. 

5) Make a list by store of the different items you need to shop for. Shop during off times during the week or shop online.