Create a photo binder with collage sheets to make memories last a lifetime!

Here are a few tips to create a photo favorite thing to create after a special event, holiday, birthday, or any special time in my life that I want to remember for a lifetime.  Who wants to print out hundreds of photos to put in albums?  Who has the room, time, or space to store all of that?  I know I don't.  The reason I love these sheets is becasue I can print one for each of my children.   I have created their own binders for them to take with them someday to remember the wonderful times we shared and cherished!  The binder is an organized, neat, way to contain these beautiful photos.

1. Pick a fun binder (regular size to hold 8x10 sheets) and some clear page protectors

2.  Go to your favortie photo site.  Mine is (photo center).  Most sites have collage photos

3. Create an 8x10 sheet.  This way you can see the pics well. You can choose background colors, headings, landscape or portrait etc to customize your sheet.

4.  Choose approx 20 photos or less.  These can be rotated and shifted as desired.

5.  Choose how many copies you will need.  In my case 4.  One for each child (friend/relative) and don't forget about printing one for you as well!  The sheets cost only about $3 for an 8x10!!

6.  See below for an example!  Happy Creating!