Do you "dine" in your dining room?

I rarely did but I have tried to make an effort this past year to use it more often. Sometimes I will have guests over and we sit at the dining room table and just use paper plates, but at least we get to enjoy it!  I have realized as I get older friends and family are not so concerned about how long it took you to make the meal but just that you thought of them and invited them over. 

Many of my clients have dining rooms that they enjoy with many activities in there but dining.  And that is ok- just rename the room and use it for the purpose you really need it for.  If you do not use the formal dining room for entertaining but really need a craft room to use every day than repurpose it!  You can still use the existing furniture by storing craft items in the drawers and cabinets. 

One of my clients uses a skirted table to hide her baskets for entertaining.  This could just as easily hold plastic containers filled with craft items.  Very, very clever!!