Move Madness (No More!)

I recently had the opportunity to help a family preparing to move. The husband was offered a great career opportunity, and was looking forward to new adventures ahead in the new state.  His wife was thrilled for her husband, but also sad to leave her community and therefore, understandably, less excited about the move.  They had reached a plateau in decision-making about which belongings to move –vs- what to donate, etc.  These decisions are difficult to begin with, but the added pressure of a strict deadline meant they needed reinforcements.

It was rewarding for me to come on to the scene with a fresh perspective and the boost of energy they needed.  Once we talked and developed our plan of attack, things started moving quickly.  They were literally ready to lighten their load and I was happy to help.  In just a few hours we had sorted the entire garage and most of the attic.  We arranged for donation pick-up and had the rest of the items ready for the movers.   “Jane” said: “In six hours you managed to accomplish what would have taken us 3 weeks”. 

It was very gratifying to help ease some of the burden for this family.  They were so wonderful to work with… I’m sad they moved away.  : )          -Sharon