The Hold "Things" Have Over Us

I was recently reading Cindy Glovinsky's book, "Making Peace With the Things in your Life," when I came across this great passage on the things in our lives.

"As with people, a dysfunctional relationship with Things is a preoccupied relationship.  We are preoccupied with the need to acquire, the need to organize, and the need to hang on to Things, putting off living until we have prefected our control over the material world, which always seems to elude us.  Some folks are frustrated by never acquiring the one Thing that will satisfy them, others by their inability to get rid of Things that they no longer use.  Many feel overwhelmed by piles of Things that seem to breed like rabbits.  Others spend hours perfecting already acquired systems, arranging and rearranging, filing and refiling, never feeling organized enough."

This is a great summary of how we all deal with the Things in our lives.  What is your relationship with things?