Keeping Family Schedules Organized Leading into Summer!

    My calendar is my life!  I realized this the other day with for a brief 10 minutes I wasn't sure where I last had it.  You see, it comes with me everywhere I go.  My father was over so I asked him it he had seen it.  His eyes got as big as saucers and he said he hadn't.  I asked why he had that "look" and he commented how he had seen it the day before and saw how organized yet "complicated" my life was and was hoping I'd locate it soon.  Mind you the things on it are just the appointments and not the every day things that go along with it that aren't on there! Luckily I found it and there was a huge relief, needless to say! I think we can ALL relate to being over booked these days!!

     Summer is fast approaching...There are year end parties, recitals, sporting events, graduations, and my daughter even has a birthday thrown in there the day after school ends!  Then, just when you think its safe to relax...there will be summer camps, vacations, swim team, more birthday parties...well, I think you are catching my drift and can relate!  Try to group kids camps in the same week so you are running around one week instead of multiple.  Organize a carpool to make things simpler etc.

     Whether you have a hard copy calendar or phone calendar to keep things organized now is the time to take just a few minutes to sit and gather your thoughts and put it all down.  Maybe even get super organized if time allows and have both! The peace of mind you will have after is very rewarding.