Even Dogs can do it!

Many of my clients have heard me say over the years how important it is to assign a home to items in your house.  It is the key step that so many of us have a problem with doing. Sometimes it means a decision has to be made like, "Where am I going to put this item?"  Or maybe a space has to be cleared out for this item to be able to fit into.  Then, once the home has been selected, you have to remember to always put the item back in the home.  This is the part I like to call "maintenance".  That daily decision to put things back and not just toss them anywhere.  This is the one thing that will help keep your systems in place.

My dog, Rocky, (the one to the left in the photo) has always had a toy basket since he was a puppy.  He knows when he wants to play that he needs to look in the "home " for the toys.  My daughter just got a new puppy, Gwen, ( to the right) and she has a toy basket also.  She will learn over time to look in the basket for toys when she wants to play.  Now, do they put the toys back when they are done?  I suppose we could train them to but we haven't.  But we always put the things back for them.  So, if dogs are able to be trained to look in "homes" for items it would seem there is hope for our kids and  other family members, right?