School's Out! Let's get organized!

     So the time is finally here. School's out!!  For some parents this time can be more bitter than sweet.  We have all been there. The last few days the papers start trickling in and then BAM, their entire school desk is unloaded on your kitchen counters spilling over into their bedrooms and then the stress starts mounting.  If you have more than one child like me, that means several desks of paper!  Not the stress free way that you thought summer would begin!

     Here are a few tips to get the paperwork under control quickly. First, keep the pile contained to one area.  Talk with your children and help them decide what is really important.  (I know at first they will say everything! Ha!) Help them choose their BEST art work, writing piece, report cards, photos, and any other important awards etc.  Grab a garbage bag and discard the rest.  Have them VERY involved in the process so no resentment is caused!

      Next, have them help you file it.  I picked these handy filing containers up at Aldi of all places!  They are the perfect size for handling the small amount of filing that is left.  Label the tabs and outside of their box.  My kids get so excited that they file everything on their own now.  They also love looking back in their containers at their "organized" school work from past years.  This one single container should be a perfect size through HS.  Remember you are keeping their BEST work!  Don't delay!  Get this task done and feel the stress melt away!