Organizing even the little things is different for everyone...

     I was recently at a very good friend’s house and realized something.  As much as we are alike in so many ways…I realized we are very different in our organization of even the smallest things!  Without even noticing it most of us have small organizational “systems” already in place and don’t even know it!

     For instance, I keep my gift cards in a decorative box in my kitchen near the telephone.  They are safe and sound there and when I know I will be heading out, I have them right at my fingertips.  My friend however, likes to keep them in her purse so they are more accessible.  I prefer to keep my grocery coupons and restaurant coupons in an organizer in my car.  That way they are always with me as I am at the grocery store so often feeding my family of 6!  My friend however, prefers those at home until she makes her way to the store. 

     Organizing even the little things is different for everyone.  Find out what works for you and go with it.  If it’s not working…find what works more efficiently and stick with it!