Now where do I put all this new stuff?

Ok, the holidays are over and now you are staring at a stack of new things and have no idea where to put them. Sound familiar? This is the one time of the year where people get overwhelmed and stumped about what to do with all of the new gifts they received. This is the step in the organizing process that we call "creating homes". This is also the one step that trips up most people. You have to make a decision. Where is the best place to put this? Always put "like with like" whenever possible. If you got a new CD put it with the other stack of CD's. But wait a minute...the spot where you keep CD's is jammed full and over flowing. So now you have to weed through the CD's and make room for the new stuff. Or maybe you are thinking "Ha! I wish all my CD's were in the same place. They are strewn all around the house and the car." In that case you have to start with step one in the organizing process. Let's do a quick review of the organizing steps to see if it won't help your brain get started with thinking about dealing with those stacks.

Sort like items together. Like with like

Weed out any items you no longer like or use.

Assign a home. This can be a container of like items,a spot on a shelf, a section of hanging space in your closet or a basket. Main thing is it is all the same item in the same spot and it always goes back into that spot.

Which leads right into the last part of the organizing process. Once the home is established you have to work on maintaining that home. You have to stay disciplined in returning those items to their home.

Now get out there and tackle those piles!