Dive In + Let Go = Freedom

Many of the folks we encounter have struggled at one point or another with the feeling that they just can’t let things go.  Whether you are preparing for the holidays or are ready to be free from clutter, learning to live –happily- with less is possible. 

First, imagine your home clutter free.  Seeing the picture of what you want to accomplish will make the goal real.   A personal trainer friend of mine says:  “Know the goal.”  This applies to everything in life and will keep you motivated once you get started.

Second, Dive in!  Simply start by removing excess items room by room. If scheduling only allows for 15 minute increments, then start there.  Excess clutter includes anything that is no longer useful, needed or wanted.  This means clothing items that no longer fit,  books that are collecting dust, old toys and games, magazines or ANY item that is taking up space but not being utilized or enjoyed.  Also remember that a gift belongs to the person who received it.  If the dishes from Aunt Sue are not your style give them to someone who will enjoy them.

Third, change lifestyle habits.  Implement a routine to pick-up or put away items that are used on a daily basis.  Even if you don’t have time to read the mail every day, sort it into categories (to read, to pay, take action) and put the rest directly in the recycle container.  Before the next major (or impulse) purchase ask yourself:  What value does this bring to my life? 

It is possible (and freeing!) to let go by considering a renewed mindset and by taking action.  Begin taking steps now to enjoy a stress-free, clutter-free holiday season!