Simple Solutions


     Lately, I have had many clients struggle with making a space function, while also trying to have it look "pretty" and orderly at the same time.  Take the laundry room for example.  A place of necessity for us all but sometimes the clutter of open shelving gives an overall stressful feeling.  Follow the simple solutions below for a beautiful, clutter free area:

1.  Keep your laundry room organized with separate bins for stain-treatment tools, detergents, and general cleaning products.  Decorative baskets and bins work perfectly.

2.  Label baskets and bins accordingly with decorative labels.  Martha Stewart has a wonderful line of products.

3.  Use a stylish tissue box to keep dryer sheets.

4.  Add a decorative curtains, with pops of color to hide shelving or laundry bins.

5.  Enjoy your new functioning, beautiful space!