Get Organized for the Holidays


Taking a few minutes ahead of time to plan things out will make your holidays go so much smoother.  We have a list of things to do to get you started.

1. Plan- Put together a plan of attack.  I love this list I saw on Pinterest that helps you make a few shortcuts. 


2. Declutter-areas of your home that guests will be in. Areas like the pantry, linen closet, guest bedroom, coat closet and guest bathroom.

3. Take an inventory-of the decorations and gift wrapping that you currently have.  From that you can make a list of the items you still need.  Always a good idea to have an assortment of different size bags on hand for those unexpected items. 



4. Decorate-your home and make it a fun time for the whole family.  As you are going through the decorations, make sure you set aside the things you know you will never use for the holidays again and don't plan on passing down to the children.

5. Make a list- by store of the different items you need to shop for.  Shop during the week or online to cut down on the crowds. 

Most importantly, remember what the holidays are all about and spend plenty of time with family and friends.