Got 15 min?

     I think most people think of organizing as a huge task or project that will take a long time to complete. Therefore, there is lack of motivation to start any task at all.   Luckily, this actually doesn't have to be the case!! By accomplishing smaller projects, it can actually motivate and empower you for those larger projects.  Take just 15 minutes and try one the following....

Option A

Refrigerator Makeover:

-grab a garbage bag, recycling can, note pad, and a timer (for 15 min) then..ready...set...go!

-quickly purge all old, expired items

-wipe shelves clean

-consolidate all "like" items even consolidating those ketchup bottles!!

-reorganize what is left in orderly fashion

-write down items needed to purchase on a future grocery trip!

See...A quick "power 15"  will give you awesome results and a huge feeling of accomplishment!

or Option B:

Coat Closet Makeover!

-grab a garbage bag for donate, timer (set for 15)

-purchase or grab matching hangers from another closet

-purge all items not worn in at least one season (Hats, gloves with no matches, coats, kids boots/shoes with outdated sizing)

-rehang what is left on matching hangers!

Bet it looks picture perfect!!

Again, what an accomplishment!  Now you are ready for the big time! :)

Just 15 minutes is all it has to take for a huge, rewarding feeling!