Need a Snack?

     A few years ago I thought of this helpful, time saving, idea that makes the packing of lunches everyday fun, easy, and fast.  When my kids were old enough to help with packing their own lunchs, the process was a disaster and very time consuming.  They would head to the pantry and either not be able to find anything (so to speak) too many packages, or walk away with a disaster left behind for ME to clean up.  The process was also time consuming as they would walk back and forth...putting one item at a time in their box.  

     It was around this time that there was the birth of the snack drawer!  It also became a one stop shop saving tons of time for us all!

1.  Choose a logical spot for your snack drawer location (if you dont have an extra drawer use a large basket!!).

2.  Load drawer with everyday favorites, changing things up every once and a while.

3.  Make rules in regard to the drawer...ex. for school lunches only (if need be)

4.  Put baggies and plastic spoons and forks in the drawer as well.

5.  Have everyone load items...keeping in mind they need a fruit, sweet, and salty snack etc.

6.  Have kids help reload the drawer every few days!!  They love helping do this!

Have fun creating your drawer or'll love all the extra time you will have on your hands!