Smart Shopping!

Lord knows there is NO shortage of websites, catalogs, sales, BOGO's, stores, and products out there to lure and draw us all in on a daily basis!!  We are bombarded daily by emails and texts with every day deals on our smart phones.  It is endless and sometimes it makes it hard to say "NO" to a purchase because ...well...its a really good deal.  You may think these deals won't pop up again next week but I assure you they will!!! Stop the maddness!  Here are a few questions to ask yourself to be sure the item you want purchase is really necessary, and not just one more unneeded item cluttering up your house:

1.  Will is last?  (is it off the dollar rack?)

2.  Do I really need it?  (you may already have 12 jars of pasta sauce)

3.  Do I have something similiar to it?  (you may already have 3 light summer jackets)

4.  Am I buying it for the right reasons?  (yes, if your pink shirt just got a stain on it)

5.  Can I really afford it?

6.  Does it fit perfectly and does it look amazing..not just ok?

Try to be very honest with yourself while asking these questions and I can assure you how wonderful it feels to say..."NO" for once.

Happy "Smart Shopping"!