Time to Deal with All Those School Papers!

All of the kid’s school papers have been piling up on your counter all year.  Now what should you do with them? This seems to be one of the greatest sources of anguish for parents we are organizing today. Kids bring home so many papers from school every week and as parents, we are torn with which ones to keep and which ones to toss. So, we just stick them in a cabinet to deal with "later" or let them collect on the kitchen counters. Later finally comes when we run out of empty places to shove things or when we decide to take action. Luckily, end of the school year is a great time to spring into action. We are here to jump start you by putting together some guidelines to use when you are going through the school papers and whittling things down.

First, set a physical boundary. I have three grown children and we managed to use two large containers for their entire school life. The size of bins you choose is determined by how much storage space you want to devote to these keepsakes. Some people only have space for a shoe box, others can store larger sizes. This is the kind I suggest for clients not the amount!! :) 


Next, go through each paper. For worksheets- keep that special one where they finally got a 100 on. Don't keep every worksheet they have ever done.
For journals and writing papers- these are a great thing to hang onto because they give you a snapshot into what their little minds were thinking at the time. (Especially those stories from kindergarten when they used their creative spelling!!) Love those memories!

The next category we have is the art work. Let's be honest- not every paper they have drawn is their best work. Sometimes it really IS just a scribble! In other instances,  they have spent considerable time on it. Choose the ones that show their creativity at its best. The paper plate with the nose and eyes glued on is not as creative as the one that shows the child's interpretationof the family on a trip together.

Once you have gone through each paper put it in one of the bins with a label and the child's name on it.
Here are a few other great options for storage ideas.

Keep one of the bins in your child's room to make it easy throughout the year to add to it. Next year, at the end of the school year, spend some time emptying out their backpacks and putting the special items in their keepsake bins.

Now that you have finally dealt with all those school papers- it's time to enjoy your summer!