Organizing the Family Mudroom

     Many times mudrooms become the dumping ground for book bags, sports shoes, coats (in and out of season) and a variety of other things that don't belong.  Follow these simple tips below to take back and make good use of what this room is really for!

1.     Corral small items with baskets and you will never again loose a glove or hat.  Items may include sunglasses, sun lotion, small sports attire, or any item that you may need on your way out.  If possible, each item should have their own seperate bin or basket.

2.     Label all baskets clearly.

3.     Keep only "in season" items in the area.  All winter attire needs to go elsewhere in the summer!

4.     Use hanging and drawer space.  Keeping in mind the height of your children.  If you want it hung make it reachable for coats and back packs.

5.     Keep shoes low and in reach for little ones.  Again in season only. 

6.     Relocate all items left to another "home".

These simple tips will make the initial moments of entering your home stress free!