Procrastinate No More

We all have some level of procrastination in us.  Some people may only procrastinate on one little thing once in awhile.  Others procrastinate every day on almost everything.  However, most of us fall somewhere in between. The only way you can get procrastination under control is to first examine what you are avoiding and why.  

I know I procrastinate on the things I don't enjoy doing.  For me it's ironing and writing (I started this blog over a week ago while serving on jury duty.  I'm just now finishing it up!) What about you?  What are you avoiding doing?

Next, what pops into your mind when you think about that project you've been putting off for a long time?  It will take too long?  You don't know where to start? The answers will give you a glimpse into some of the things standing in your way.

What kind of a procrastinator are you? I love  this visual of the different types.


Did any of these images ring a bell for you?  If you can identilfy the kind of procrastinator you are it will help you realize your stumbling blocks and how you can move past them.  For instance, if you are a "Cleaner" then be aware the next time you tackle a project and begin to get the urge to clean first instead of tackling the actual project.  Change the action this time. When you get the desire push past it and dive into the project and don't avoid it.  Youcan always clean once you finish as a reward to yourself.    

Being aware of what kind of procrastinator you are and why you procrastinate is the first step in overcoming the tendency.  The next part is making small changes in your response to these so you can get past it and on to doing the work. If you still struggle, contact a life coach and they can help you define your stumbling blocks and formulate a plan to achieve your goals.