Perfection vs. Organization

    As an organizer I hear this question frequently, "Since you are an organizer, your house must look so perfect?!"  A typical response is, "Well, everything has a home, and systems are in place, but I have three children and everything isn't "perfect" all the time.   Life is constantly "happening" and there are breakdowns along the way. Perfection is flawless and life isn't.

     Although I love Pinterest, and other idea gathering sites I feel like people lose a small piece of reality when looking at the perfectly organized closet or pantry.  Never showing the "after" picture once the kids get home from school and grab a few snacks.  Or the "after" picture once a week of laundry needs to get put away after 6 loads have been done for 5 people.  Organization is a constant process, manageable once the right systems are put in place.  Organization is being orderly or efficient.

     Don't compare yourself to friends or Pinterest.  It is always good to get ideas this way but make sure you make manageable goals to suit you needs and the needs of your family.  What works for you might not work for your friends. Customize your organizational systems around your lifestyle and needs and you will feel empowered, calm, and like a weight has been lifted.  In the end if you still feel like you need help with this process...out source!