5 Sanity-Saving Packing Tips

Have kids, will travel! This summer, slash stress when you hit the road with our easy packing tips for kids.

1)   Lay out each day’s outfit – including underwear – and use gallon size Ziploc bags to corral each outfit. Press out excess air and seal it at the top. Stack each tidy bag inside your child’s suitcase to save space and simplify outfit selection.

2)   Borrow a tip from business travelers and roll your child’s clothes. This decreases wrinkles and increases suitcase space, because everything can be packed tightly with no wasted air pockets.

3)   Print your favorite packing list from Pinterest and check items off as they go into the suitcase. Pack the list in your child’s suitcase so they can re-check the items they arrived with as they put them back in the suitcase.

4)   Stow phone/tablet/laptop charger(s) in suitcase pockets.

5)   Stash an extra set of earbuds in the same pocket, because cousins . . . and swimming pools . . . and dogs.
Extra Credit: Plan surprise packages that your kids can open when you reach different cities or milestones along your route. This keeps everyone engaged and entertained . . . for a couple of minutes, anyway.
Happy travels!