Dorm Days!

Moving your Freshman (or returning student) into their dorm or apartment won’t be as overwhelming when you work with smart storage solutions.

Before the move, create storage boxes/bins for food, shoes, laundry essentials, school supplies and living (personal care items).  If you’re not sure what to buy, Bed Bath and Beyond offers great tips and sells great storage bins. The Container Store has a big Summer Sale going on now.  

Once your child settles into their new space, reassess their storage needs. Are they able to keep some of the bins for use under the bed or stacking? If not, bring them home with you and use them to pack up at the end of the school year. That way, everything will they need is already boxed and ready for summer storage and fall moving.

If hanging space is non-existent, use 3M hooks to turn a bare wall into a custom storage system for backpacks, bathrobes, gym bags and more.

Finally, an over-the-door towel rack makes it easy to keep wet towels off the floor.

A word of warning – always defer to your school’s guidelines for what is and isn’t permissible in the dorm. Not adhering to school rules could result in a fine or penalty.