Keep it Simple

During a recent conversation with a client, I was reminded of this good advice:  Keep it simple!

Mary (not her real name) was unhappy with her home office situation.  She created an office area by utilizing part of a spare room on the second floor of her home, but Mary was unhappy with the lighting in the room.  One day while facing a deadline she grabbed her computer and moved downstairs to a room with better light.   Eventually, she was spending most of her days working from an uncomfortable chair and going up and down the stairs to find work papers.  She was experiencing back pain, neck pain and overall frustration.

Mary had a great desk and proper desk chair with good back support in the office.  Plus, she needed all of her paperwork to be in one place.   After talking about her frustrations out loud, Mary realized that the main reason she did not like her office was because it was not bright enough.   When I suggested adding additional lighting to the office, Mary was amazed to realize she had not even considered such a simple solution during all those recent weeks of going up and down the stairs.

Sometimes our lives can seem filled with challenges, deadlines and demands.  In our desire to resolve problems quickly we don’t allow ourselves enough time to consider all possibilities.

The next time you are facing a pile of papers, messy closet, desk or cabinet, remember to keep it simple.  Take a step back and start with one small piece of the big puzzle.  You might just surprise yourself with a straightforward simple solution!