Recipe Relief

Are your cookbooks a recipe for disaster? Take control with these simple tips.

Evaluate and pare down: Gather all your cookbooks in one spot. You’ll recognize your favorites, so set those aside. Then, consider donating any books unfamiliar or unused for the past year.

Find a central location: Keep all cookbooks and recipes in one area for easy access and awareness. Organize in a way that makes sense to you, such as by author, culinary region, or type of food (vegetarian, soups, breakfast, etc.)

Create a recipe binder: Set up a three-ring binder for your recipe clippings. Create sections (such as main course, veggies, salads, desserts) with tab dividers. Glue recipes on both sides of heavy 8-1/2 x 11 paper, and then slip the papers into clear plastic page protector sleeves.

Organize clippings: It’s tempting to clip every great recipe you see in magazines. If you do, create a “holding” envelope where recipes must past your taste test before being added to your recipe binder. Remember the “in/out” rule: Each time you add a recipe to your book, remove an old one (or two) that is no longer a favorite.

Go paper-free: If you're ready to go digital, there are many apps that can help you make the transition. In addition to being able to peruse and virtually "clip" new recipes, you can often scan (or take photos) of your cherished family recipes to upload into virtual collections. Or simply start a Pinterest board to collect your new favorites!


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Are we there yet?

Getting ready for a spring break road trip?

A little advanced planning will save time, stress and make the trip more fun for the entire family.  Follow the 3P Approach:

Prepare:  Two weeks before the trip make a list of essentials you can’t forget (phone chargers, passports, etc.).  Pinterest has some great packing lists that include things you might not think of initially, like flashlights or reading glasses.   Start to tackle the laundry.  Set clothing for the trip aside and don’t put it back in the drawers.

Pack:  It might not be planned, but it’s always wise to pack one overnight bag with basics for all family members.  If an unexpected stop occurs, you won’t have to unload all the luggage. Bring a small cooler with water and snacks for the kids.  Keep all electronics together and handy in a separate bag.   Videos for the kids should be together and where they can locate them.

Be Pro-Active:  Make sure the driver is well rested and not distracted.  Have a couple of small surprises for the kids in the glove box.  They can be used to reward good behavior or to calm restless travelers.

Happy Trails!