Before the Hazy Lazy Dayz

I might just be the only mom around who is looking forward to the final school bell for THIS reason: My kids’ rooms are really going to GET ORGANIZED!

During the school year we are more relaxed about their rooms/closets/homework piles.  The school day is long; throw-in a sport or two and there is very little time left in the day for anything, much less time to sort through outgrown clothing.

Yes, summer is the time for kids to run free and share time with friends. But, the first step here will be for each child to help organize their own space.

No matter what age your child may be, it’s never too soon for them to understand the process of sorting through their own belongings.   Allow them to see you toss old/broken toys, donate books they have outgrown (there are many schools in need) and help make decisions about which clothing items no longer work.  The process might go a little faster without them, but in the end you are teaching lifelong lessons.  Or, at least one final lesson before the dog days begin.  Happy Summer!