5 Quick Tips to a Chic Closet

‘Boutique' doesn't have to mean 'beyond reach'!

Chic closets that leap off the pages of magazines may be all the rage right now, but you don't need to have a huge space (or budget) to create an oasis of order and inspiration.


  1. Create room to move things around. Aim for 25% negative space so clothes can move easily on the hangers.

  2. Group like items together-by type then color-light to dark.

  3. Give it a cohesive look-all the same kind of hangers and coordinating bins.

  4. Check the flow, will it work for you when you are getting ready in the morning? Are your work out clothes together? Dressy clothes?

  5. Finish it with a touch of glam. Display your favorite clutch with a pair of fabulous heels.

Let us know how we can help make your dream walk-in closet a reality!