Let’s Have A Sale

Whether you’re planning to move or simply want to cash in on your excess stuff, a garage sale (tag sale, yard sale) can be a profitable way to transfer your goods on to their next destination. However, without proper planning and organization, the day can be a disaster. Here are some tips to hold a spectacular sale:

START GATHERING YOUR GOODS EARLY. Keep a large box in the basement or garage year-round to hold household items you no longer want, need, or love. If you’re really industrious, keep some pricing stickers and a pen in the box so you can price as you stow.

ADVERTISE. Make large, colorful signs. Be sure to list the date, time, and place, as well as the types of items you have for sale (kids’ clothing and toys, furniture, tools, collectibles, etc.) Place the signs in high-traffic intersections within a few miles of your home. Consider running an ad in your local paper’s classified section. Place flyers at local stores where allowed.

SET UP THE SALE. Give yourself at least two days to get the tables set up and items arranged and priced. Make sure everything is clean and attractive. Group similar items together: put stuffed animals in a wagon, arrange household items on tables, place books and tapes/CDs neatly in boxes, display toys at kids’ eye level, and hang clothing on racks. Put big-ticket items, like furniture, tools, and larger kids’ toys, near the edge of the driveway to attract passersby.

BE SURE TO PRICE EVERYTHING. People are often too shy to ask. Attract people with balloons and banners. And have a “free” box prominently placed.

DON’T FORGET THE LITTLE THINGS. Make sure you have enough change, especially ones and fives, and a calculator handy. Have bags and newspaper for packing breakables. Play upbeat music on your boombox. Have lemonade and popcorn for sale to prolong browsing. Hand out free candy to kids if okay with parents.

COUNT YOUR CASH AND CONSIDER DONATING. After the sale, donate the leftover items to charity rather than returning them to your house. Many charities will pick up all unsold items. 


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Move Madness (No More!)

I recently had the opportunity to help a family preparing to move. The husband was offered a great career opportunity, and was looking forward to new adventures ahead in the new state.  His wife was thrilled for her husband, but also sad to leave her community and therefore, understandably, less excited about the move.  They had reached a plateau in decision-making about which belongings to move –vs- what to donate, etc.  These decisions are difficult to begin with, but the added pressure of a strict deadline meant they needed reinforcements.

It was rewarding for me to come on to the scene with a fresh perspective and the boost of energy they needed.  Once we talked and developed our plan of attack, things started moving quickly.  They were literally ready to lighten their load and I was happy to help.  In just a few hours we had sorted the entire garage and most of the attic.  We arranged for donation pick-up and had the rest of the items ready for the movers.   “Jane” said: “In six hours you managed to accomplish what would have taken us 3 weeks”. 

It was very gratifying to help ease some of the burden for this family.  They were so wonderful to work with… I’m sad they moved away.  : )          -Sharon

Girl Power

I went to go visit my daughter this weekend in Raleigh and we tackled her shed all by ourselves.  The entire project was under $100 dollars, and we were able to take a room you could not even walk into and transform it into a handy workshop space.  Check out the Before (left column) and After (right column) photos.