Perfect is Not the Goal

Recently I was talking with a group of friends and they asked: "How does your house seem to stay so perfect all the time?"  I laughed and said, perfect?  What’s perfect?  No house is perfect!

To be organized does not mean that a house is perfectly set, designed and staged to look like a picture in a magazine every single day.  Being organized means that you can find the item or paper you need WHEN you need it.  Assigning homes for all belongings and putting a system in place to return things to where they belong saves time, reduces stress and increases quality of life.  It’s that simple.

 If you are spending countless hours every week looking for things and sorting through papers, try these tips:

1)      Make an appointment with yourself.  Schedule a time on your calendar for organizing.  During this time, do not answer the phone or look at the computer.  Commit to the appointment every week (just like a cleaning service might be) and try to allow at least one hour if possible.

2)      Start small.  Focus on one area at a time such as the kitchen counter, desk top or laundry room.  By staying in one place you will see progress in the hour!

3)      Let go of junk mail the moment it comes in the door.  Keep a recycling container near your desk, or the area where you view mail.  You will have less to sort later.

4)      Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  When feeling overwhelmed, consider seeking outside help.  It truly is our passion to help folks get their time and their life back.

And after the organizing is done you’ll be one step closer to perfect.  Or, maybe just right!