The Pros

Julie Bertram

The Organizing Pro™ team is led by “The Organizing Pro” herself, Julie Bertram.

Julie started her business in 2001 after 15 years experience in the real estate industry. Many of the skills she and her team employ were developed from the “hands-on” experience Julie received helping clients prepare their properties for marketing. “An orderly home is a huge asset when showing properties to prospective buyers,” Julie asserts. “Over the years it has significantly helped my clients to command top dollar for their homes.” She is also the mother of three children and had to sharpen her organizing skills just to keep all their schedules straight!

Julie has the uncanny ability to quickly assess a client’s needs. She can survey a job and in minutes understand the flow and functionality needed to maximize the client’s efficiency in any situation. “My challenge is to suggest solutions that will not only promote an orderly environment but also work with my clients personality and lifestyle. I want to give them a solution that will last! Just watching the stress melt away after I have set up their custom organizing system gives me great joy and satisfaction! I love getting the phone calls the next day telling me they were able to put their hands right on an item when they needed it!”

Julie also has the skills to turn a dreaded project into a fun experience. None of us wants to think of spending our few precious free moments trying to get organized. That’s why most of us wait until things get really bad before we do it. You have to keep a sense of humor when organizing and Julie can help you make it a positive experience instead of a negative one!

Julie Bertram is a CPO®, Certified Professional Organizer®, member of NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers, Co-founder of Charlotte’s Elite Organizers, Co-founder of Butterfly Bin (a non-profit community clearinghouse) and contributing adviser to real estate, home improvement companies, My School Rocks! and other media.

Beth Ickes

Beth Ickes

Born and raised in northern New Jersey, Beth graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Sociology/Psychology and an AS in Criminology. She and her husband moved to Charlotte in 1999 when he accepted a position with the Charlotte Fire Department. Beth continued her post college career as an office manager for many years where she honed her skills in workplace efficiency and organization before having three beautiful children. She carried her work ethic and passion for order into keeping an organized home where each toy, paper from school, and craft, has its place; helping her to feel orderly, calm, and focused as she goes about her day. When the opportunity presents itself, Beth enjoys spending time outdoors, relaxing at the beach, or hiking in the mountains - enjoying the beautiful weather found here in the south.

Leigh Ann Loeblein

Leigh Ann Loeblein

Leigh Ann Loeblein is all about finding the “joy in the journey.” Her journey so far has taken her from Jackson, TN to Mississippi State to California and then to Salisbury, NC, where she’s lived with her husband and 2 daughters for 22 years. Once upon a time she was a landscape architect, turning a tangle of weeds into a work of art. She would see beyond the mess and methodically transform the space by first getting rid of what didn’t belong, then adding color and design and function to create spaces where people wanted to be. Does that sound familiar? Yep. As one of the Organizing Pros, she’s just come indoors, but she’s doing the same thing--taking something unsightly and making it look really great. Leigh Ann has always been methodical and loves the process of bringing order. And since she is also obsessed with wearing the color pink, it seems like she was destined to join the team.




Brittanie Trudeau


Brittanie was born in Detroit, MI, but grew up in a small beach-side town near Clearwater Beach, FL.  She will admit she was an exceptionally organized five year old – which is when it was clear that she had a knack for organizing. "I remember visiting homes of distant family members and offering to help clean and reorganize their rooms." Fast forward to age 14, she held several job titles at her mother's all-star cheerleading gym: facility interior designer, organizer, website designer, marketer and youth cheer coach. After her graduation in 2016 from the University of Central Florida, Brittanie relocated to Charlotte, NC and joined The Organizing Pros. Her creativity, innovation as well as practicality and visual appeal has allowed Brittanie to contribute to our mission to go above and beyond client expectations. She enjoys creating her own decor, refurbishing furniture pieces, shopping, organizing and communing with Mother Nature.