We have been involved during the past year and a half, in a very high profiled mass corporate relocation. As a part of our service that we offered our clients, we needed to work with an ‘organizational team’ that would provide excellent service in a timely manner. We made the decision to give Julie Bertram and her team a try, and it has been nothing but a pleasure to work with them.

They constantly kept us updated and informed. Our clients made sure to reach out to us to let us know how happy they were with them and in fact, a few of them made their own plans for continued assistance. We can only say THANK YOU, and we would highly recommend The Organizing Pro and their service.
— John Hannon, General Manager and Ptraicia Jolly, Senior Relocation Specialist - Siracusa Moving and Storage, Inc.


The Organizing Pro and her team were invaluable. They gave us comfort in a very hectic time, and their organization and hard work got us into our home and kitchen sooner than we could have dreamed of. Their experience gave them insight to unload all of our kitchen items and put them in the most efficient and perfect places that we would not have thought of. They are a joy to be around and not a minute was wasted. They are truly professional and their value is incomparable. We have used Julie and her team for years, and they are trustworthy and personable - a real secret in the moving and professional organizing business! More importantly, a wife’s dream and a husband’s answer to prayer!


I can honestly say that the decision to have The Organizing Pro™ help me de-clutter my life was one of the best I have ever made. Little did I know how much more energy I would gain by purging my life of things I still don’t miss. When I was ready The Organizing Pro ™ “lit my fire” and continues to encourage me. I have realized some dreams that just would not have been possible. Finally getting organized has made a difference in my life!


Over the past ten years I have had at least five various professional organizers help me organize my home starting with the time ten years ago when I could not find the family’s birth certificates. I would say that starting a filing system and putting my bank files on my computer helped me tremendously. However, in spite of having a system I wasn’t utilizing it. That is when I first met Julie Bertram and she began helping me. After making the system work we have gone on to organizing everything from my attic, garage, basement, closets, and thinning out my book collection. She has helped me out more than any of the other five organizers! Plus, I enjoy her friendly but professional approach. We never waste time and she keeps me on task all the while making the time enjoyable. She is honest, dependable and a person of deep faith.


Julie, It was such a pleasure working with you. I could not believe how much we got accomplished in just working together for a few days. I was so overwhelmed just thinking about trying to get my home organized and ready to sell by myself that I didn’t know where to start or how I would get it all done. I knew I had to find some help to meet my time frame for getting my house on the market and relocating for a new position. After working with you the first four hours my fears were relieved and I knew that with your help I would be able to handle getting ready for selling my home and moving. You helped take the stress out of the entire process. I just wish I had done this a few years ago. I have listed my house as of this week. The Realtor was very impressed with how wonderful the house looked. Amazing how getting organized and getting rid of clutter helps to make things look more spacious and clean. I could not have done this without your help, guidance and patience. And we had a few laughs along the way too! Thanks again for your professional organizing skills and your ability to be so patient with your clients!


My husband absolutely loved the garage! He said it was the best present I could ever give him. He kept going in the garage in disbelief…Thank you so much, I wouldn’t have been able to get it done so quickly without you.


Boy was my office a mess this past winter! Come to think of it, it has been a mess since I moved in (back in 1997). I never felt completely comfortable with my office furniture layout or a productive method to organize my work. Several attempts had been made, but nothing significantly assisted me in managing my work in an orderly and effective manner. Julie was very thorough looking at my current layout and asking pertinent questions regarding my work preferences, personality type, and typical work-flow. She dove into the many stacks of papers and purchased some organizational tools to assist in ensuring the long-term success of helping me manage my office environment. Within a matter of a couple appointments with Julie, she had changed the way that I think about my workflow and had me actually loving my office. Julie’s work with my office has helped me become much more productive and has significantly reduced the work stress that I had come to know and despise.


I have actually enjoyed working in my “organized” home office the last couple of weeks. Having my office space cleaned and organized has made a tremendous difference in my work efficiency. I am much more able to focus on my work and have an easier time getting things put away at the end of my workday or work week even if I am traveling. This whole process had given me more freedom, less stress and I think I have caught the “organizing bug.” I have a much easier time sorting through my daily deluge of mail. It is easier to decide what to throw away immediately and I have a place to file those things that used to end up in all those piles in my office.


A team of super energetic individuals helped my spouse and I get settled in new home after moving to Charlotte from another state. We had over 800 boxes and totes. They unpacked most of the household items and put them away. Based on their knowledge and expertise they loaded cabinets, pantry and closets so items were easy to get to based on how we are using the space. Then what didn’t go in the house immediately was sorted and grouped in the garage/shed. These folks know what they are doing, work hard and best of all are friendly and easy to deal with. They may this move manageable and saved us weeks of work.
The Organizing Pro is just that...a professional expert at the science of “Organizing”. If someone has done it a number of times, like anything else, they figure out the very “best” and most efficient way to do the job. Julie does all the above which accomplishes several goals: 1-we get super organized 2-we don’t get stressed 3-we are in better shape after than before 4-we save time by having someone who knows the process from years of experience. 5-we save money because of all the above. 6-we make our friends happy by recommending “the Organizing Pro”. Julie is the reason “worth her weight in gold” was first used. Rarely can I say without question, I would recommend someone , but this is one of those times. This is not a paid advertisement, just a satisfied customer who has used Julies services many time for physical moves, upgrading our house and general organizational needs.
I hired these wonderful ladies to help me unpack and organize after moving into a new home at 38 weeks pregnant. Four hours later and with the best help possible (including absolutely no judgement from the most compassionate team ever) my house was fit for the home-birth we had planned - and I cried with relief. I couldn’t recommend them higher. They were worth every cent.
They are amazing! Julie and her team made two moves so much less stressful than it would have been!